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Real Voodoo Spells: today's voodoo has completely drifted from what it used to be. charlatans have turned it into a money making enterprise. for instance, take a look at the voodoo doll being offered for sale today on the Internet. a cloth stuffed with wool. what can this possibly do? our voodoo doll is not a cloth stuffed with wool. the traditional voodoo doll called 'voodoo pupper' is a wood carved in the image of a victim. the image must be the exact replica of the victim in a miniature form. once the carving is complete, a pin will be fabricated in one of the holiest voodoo temples on the planet. then the image is animated with something containing the DNA of the victim. either hairs, saliva, blood or a used cloth. as soon as this has been achieved, the pin will be inserted into the image at a time when Saturn and Jupiter are situated at an angle called in voodoo ' angle of attack' relative to the Sun. once the pin goes in, the victim becomes a puppet or pupper in the hands of the voodoo priest. be it a run away lover,  a court case or revenge, once we can get the hair, saliva or blood of the person, he  or she is finished. the person becomes clay to be molded  as it pleases us. it is the same thing with creating a Zombie. we do not create a Zombie using elements from a fish to cause hallucinations.


The real voodoo Spells began in western Africa as an instrument of revenge. but today, other useful part of voodoo has come to light. for example, Real Voodoo Spells can be used for:


-  binding love spell

-  ensuring faithfulness among couples

-  solve pregnancy and impotence complications

-  provide protection against witchcraft and black magic

-  banish negativity spell
-  break a hex spell
-  back to sender spell
-  removing obstacles spell
-  reverse s curse spell




















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 Title: Real Voodoo Spells and Rituals

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