Voodoo Rituals and Black Magic Spells




Todays marriage has become a marriage by the lips. people go to the alter to swear an oath to remain and abide by each other, love and cherish, in riches and in poverty etc... in front of witnesses only to go to the court a few months later seeking divorce. this shouldn't be. marriage is a rite instituted by God. it is an institution that can ONLY be dissolved at death of any one of the partners.


when people approach us for marital issues, we give counsel to be sincere in what they want. voodoo marriage is insulated against divorce. a marriage celebrated by us cannot go astray. this is because we will marry both couples first in the spirit ream before symbolising it in the physical. and a wax effigy of the couple will continue remain in our temple until both have left this wold.


there are marriages contracted in the outside world that is now on shaky foundation. so what do we do. the wife or the husband who feels unsecured should send us the photo of the marriage ceremony. with that, we will marry both again in our temple without their presence. this is called 'voodoo spiritual marriage' we will make a wax effigy in a miniature form, similar to a voodoo doll and join both together in a holy matrimony. thereafter, husband and wife will love and cherish each other as the creator of the universe intended it to be from the very beginning.


our advice to lovers who intends to go into holy matrimony is to provide us with a picture where both of them are holding hands. with that, we will perform a spiritual marriage on behalf of them before the physical marriage in the church, mosque or court. that way, divorce and acrimony will be far removed from there home. instead, faithfulness, perseverance, hope, joy and prosperity will be theirs to the envy of many.