Voodoo Rituals and Black Magic Spells




 Where are you guys located: we have our permanent temple in Africa and a temporary temple in Europe. exact location to be given upon demand.

Does the voodoo pupper make a person loose his senses: No. the person under the influence of the pupper has his full senses intact. what he does not have is free will. he does what the voodoo priest wants him to do. the pupper compromises his free will making him a puppet. the word puppet actually arose from this voodoo terminology

Must I be physically present in your temple before I can benefit from your services: No. it is our wish that our clients be present in our temples when we perform their individual rituals, but where circumstances of distance, work and family do not permit a physical presence, we can still perform the desired rituals and still achieve the same results. all we need in this circumstance is a photo, date(s) of birth and a short description of the problem.

Can I call you: Yes. you are free to call us anytime, except in the night (12 Midnight) because we will almost certainly be involved in a ritual

How can I know that my work has been done: we perform rituals only at night. the night that we will perform your ritual, we will give you specific instructions. you must be prepared to be in your room for 1 hour in the night and carryout the instructions that we will give you.

Do I have to do anything while my work is going on: No. you don't do anything absolutely besides the night where you have to be in your room and do as we tell you.

Have you ever encountered an unsolvable case: No. of course, all cases are not the same. some take longer than the other to reach the objective but at the end we have always managed to make the client happy by delivering the desired result.

How long does it take to see results: this depends entirely on the problem. love cases usually take 21 days minimum and 59 days maximum to see full results. black magic removable can take longer.

What if my lover is a strong willed or religious person: it does not matter whether he is as strong willed as Napoleon or as religious as the Bishop of Rome. voodoo ritual can break any human being if we have something belonging to his person.

what if I cannot get close enough to get something belonging to his person: then don't worry. we will perform 2 rituals. one will be a fast spell to draw him to you. remember that the spell lasts for about 6 months. in a month of two after your lover returns, you should be able to get his hairs or used unwashed underwear. with any of these we nail him or her to you for life.

Can you dismantle Indrajaal: voodoo black magic is the strongest form of occultism known to exist. indrajaal, Islamic occult or other cults have no chance with voodoo.

Why do you charge money: we charge money to cover the costs of the ritual. voodoo materials are very expensive and all materials used in a particular ritual must be destroyed by fire and the ashes scattered over a flowing river or stream.