Voodoo Rituals and Black Magic Spells




Black Magic Spells:  when contemporary humans hear the word 'Black Magic' they tend to look for a place to hide their heads. actually, this is what they should be doing when they hear 'White Magic'. black magic does not back fire!  this may come to many as a surprise. black magic does not look for excuses. it is a barrier crusher once unleashed. it stops at nothing until it has run its full course. black magic know only one thing. RESULTS!  black magic, like voodoo, can be used to achieve everything in all areas of human endeavour.  our black magic ritual is absolutely risk free from karma and other negative consequences. it is true that all black magic has some form of consequences, but over the centuries, our ancestors have passed on to us how to perform completely risk free black magic rituals. basically what we do is similar to what is being done today in Jewish synagogues in Jerusalem. In the bible book of Leviticus, Jehovah God gave the Prophet Moses the Law on Mountain Sinai. one of this laws is the sacrifice of the 'scape goat'. in this ritual, 2 goats will be presented to the high priest who presides over Jehovah's temple. the high priest will use the first goat to make a sin offering for himself.  after that, he will  place the sin of the individual on the second goat and the goat is then escorted into the forest never again to be seen by humans. in like manner, we use animal to carry away the likely consequences of any black magic that we may perform on behalf of a client. we also remove black magic, family and ancestral curses placed on people with black magic rituals.


Here are some of the basic harm that is inflicted upon people using black magic

·       Blocked income

.       Destroying someone’s career

·       Bad luck

·       Bad dreams

·       Breaking a relationship or destroying someone’s marriage , causing to separate or divorce

·       Controlling someone’s mind for sex

·       Making the victim indulge in vices like alcohol, substance abuse, violence and unhealthy sex

·       Causing accidents

·       Making people sick

·       Anger & avarice ;  emotional imbalance

·       Fear

·       Not allowing the victim to sleep

·       Depression

·       Making the victim commit suicide

·       Blocking a woman’s monthly periods

·       Blocking a woman’s ability to conceive

·       Rape of women in dreams by the spirits, where the orgasm is real

·       Paranormal activity is experienced by the victims of black magic, this is done to terrorize weak minded humans

·       Kill people by giving them a heart attack, kidney failure and activating cancer in the victims body


There is a whole lot that can be inflicted upon people using black magic and the spirit world and it all depends upon the power of the black magicians.


If you come to us, have no doubts, you have chosen a path that will certainly bring you what you desire, with a force far too powerful to be denied! we never shirk from what is necessary to manifest the client's wish into being.  don't approach me if you are lily-livered, or if you have any fear of the changes you ask for or have any doubts about receiving what you want  for you will certainly have them. in other words, be careful of what you want when you come to us for you will certainly have them.


To cast a black magic spell for you we will need to know the outcome you want, any information you can supply on anyone else involved, and most importantly your details. This information will be transformed into a black magic spell which we will cast on your behalf. Once your black magic spell has been cast, changes will start manifesting until your wish exists in the real world, this will happen without you doing anything yourself.